Top 3 Ways to Capture Holiday Shoppers

HolidayShoppersBlogBlack Fridays. Christmas Eve last minute one-day shipping sales. Cyber Mondays. Plenty of opportunities for holiday shoppers to buy online without having to encounter the packed stores, the out-of-stock shelves, the stressed parents, and hauling bags up stairs. With the ease of smartphone, tablet, and desktop shopping, why continue to market behind a store front? With 2 billion dollars worth of sales on Cyber Monday alone in 2013, it’s time to join the 21st century and hop on the online selling bandwagon if you haven’t already. Here’s some tips to capture those holiday shoppers. 1. Ensure your offer has a very easy, clear call to action. Everyone is busy these days. They don’t have time to go searching for what they want. They need you to tell them what they want and provide it to them in the quickest way possible. It’s essential to have them deciding they need your offer now and trigger an action before another site catches their attention.

  1. Ensure your site/ad/offer is mobile friendly.

People can now order pizza by tweeting Dominos. That means the expectations for easy, quick buying has been set pretty high. Either meet those expectations or lose opportunities. Buyers are getting more and more comfortable buying on-the-go. You need to be comfortable in providing that option.

  1. Ensure your bounce rate is low by offering exit pop-ups

Exit pop-up ads provide a last chance to capture that shopper that was hesitant and thinking about leaving. Give shoppers one last look at your best promotion.