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The 4 Qualities That Make Introverts Great Entrepreneurs


When the term “introvert” is used to describe someone, a person quietly – and intentionally – tucked away and wrapped up in his or her own little world typically comes to mind. While this image may not be untrue, it only depicts a small portion of the introvert’s life, and most certainly doesn’t highlight the many strengths and abilities that go hand in hand with being introverted. For example, did you know that introverts often make great leaders and incredible entrepreneurs? Here’s why:

They listen.

Introverts are observers. They listen to the thoughts, opinions and problems of the people in the world around them – an incredible quality for anyone building a business, as many of the best business ideas are founded on addressing a need or problem within a community. Being a listener also helps introverts gain the trust of others, which helps them build business relationships and grow their customer base.

People listen to them.

Because introverts are constantly listening and observing, they may not talk a lot, but when they do, it’s important. It’s easy to tune out someone who is constantly gabbing, but someone who is often silent commands attention when they speak. This level of naturally-commanded respect introverts receive is something many extroverted business owners work tirelessly to get from their employees.

Introverted entrepreneurs are fine working by themselves.

The entrepreneurial life can be a lonely one, and those who crave social interaction may find themselves unhappy working by themselves and making tough decisions alone. Introverts on the other hand thrive working by themselves, and may actually be more attracted to starting their own business because of the ample opportunity to dream, think and work alone.

They build deep relationships.

Introverts avoid small talk, so while they may have fewer connections, the ones they do have are deep and meaningful. The quality, thoughtfully-built relationships are often more beneficial to a business than a hundred shallow acquaintances.

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