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Why All Small Businesses Should Give Back

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Large businesses often gain publicity for the large amounts of money and manpower they are able to donate to charitable causes. Giant checks with an eye-popping number of zeros at the end, huge work days where thousands of employees donate time to a local charity or nonprofit … it all seems too great for a startup or small business to match. But regardless how much you have to give, you’d be surprise the impact that giving back to charity can have on both your business and community. Here are a few things you can expect to happen if you donate your time, money and resources to a cause you’re passionate about.

You’ll connect with likeminded people.

Networking allows you to grow and build your business in ways you’d never be able to on your own, yet it’s hard to make time for business networking events. By taking time to give back to a charitable cause, you’ll most likely naturally network with other business leaders that are doing the same. People you meet while volunteering your time are committed to making your community a better place, and are typically deeper, more meaningful connections than those you make at strictly business functions.

You’ll gain respect from your employees.

A leader that looks out for the good of others and shows a genuine interest in the community is much easier to follow and respect than one that only cares about the business or is completely disengaged from anything outside of his or her own life. Employees will more readily follow your initiatives to better the company and make it more successful because they know a successful company doesn’t just equal a more successful boss – it equals more resources given away to worthy causes.

It encourages employees to be better citizens.

Employees that might not have gotten involved in a community cause may find they enjoy the purpose and satisfaction that comes with giving back to the community, propelling them into pursuing other charitable opportunities.

It improves your company culture.

A company that comes together to work or raise money for a common cause often has a stronger sense of camaraderie. This increased friendship combined with the joy and satisfaction that naturally comes from helping others will make employees healthier, happier and more productive.

It improves the community.

If none of the other reasons above convince you to give back, this one should. Donating your time, resources and money on a regular basis will make your community a better place; for your employees to live, for you to do business, for your children to go to school … the list goes on. Improving your community raises the quality of life for both yourself and everyone around you.

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