What’s Next in Growing Your Business

You’ve successfully maneuvered those challenging early years, and now you might be thinking, “what’s next?” Perhaps you need additional staff or plan to build a new location. All these things require money.

When your business is experiencing growth, a slowdown in cash flow can negatively impact short and long term goals. How can a small business keep up with the demands as it slowly begins to transform into a mid-size company?

Before you begin to panic, Arkansas Capital may be able to help you. Depending on the course and maturity of your business, as well as how much debt you have on the books, you can consider a variety of loans.

Under SBA 504 loans, businesses can purchase real estate, new machinery and equipment, or make improvements like landscaping. Additionally, if you need to renovate your existing office or facility, these funds can help. 

The SBA does not lend the money directly to entrepreneurs to grow a business, but sets certain stipulations for loans made by its partners (like Arkansas Capital). The SBA helps to eliminate some of the risk to lenders by guaranteeing that these loans will be repaid.

Financing a growing business is a good problem to have. Remember, Arkansas Capital is a champion of small businesses and wants to help you thrive. For more information about all our loan programs, click here.

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