artwork in offices

The Importance of Artwork in Your Office Space

artwork in offices

Outfitting a new office is an exciting time for any startup or small business. Choosing desks, computers, chairs, printers, break room appliances and other equipment often consumes most of the office set up decisions, but there is one important aspect of office preparation that is all too often overlooked: art. While some may consider it an extra expense, the right art on the walls of your business can be a powerful tool in increasing productivity, connecting with customers and helping your business grow into a healthy, thriving company. Here’s how:

Art can increase productivity.

Since you’ll likely require that yourself and your employees spend a large portion of your week in the office, you need to invest in creating an environment where people enjoy spending time. While hosting office parties, buying lunches and creating a culture that supports work-life balance are all great ways to create a positive office culture, art is one of the easiest, most low maintenance options for enhancing your environment. A few well placed, aesthetically pleasing pieces of art boosts creativity and inspires employees, helping them be happier and more productive.

Art can help enforce your brand.

Choosing art that reflects your brand personality enforces the values and ideals you want your business to uphold. This can both help your employees better understand the brand they work for, and quickly visually convey your message to clients that visit your location. Which brings us to our next point…

Art enhances your consumer experience.

A space with a few carefully selected pieces of art on the walls creates a much more positive experience for a client or customer than a drab space with nothing but the bare essentials. Help your consumer enjoy time spent in your office and leave with an even better impression of your business than before they paid you a visit.

Arkansas Capital is a strong believer in the power art can have over our health and happiness both in and out of the office, which is why we host a Second Friday Art Night event every month. Stop by our next one on October 14 for hors d’oeuvres, wine and outstanding art!

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