Small Businesses and Big Data

Big DataBig data is a term that describes the huge amounts of data that are being created every day from people all over the world using technology. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily and 90 percent of the total data in existence was created within the last two years. Using data to improve business processes is nothing new. However, using big data is a whole new ball game. In an article on, Curt Finch examines why small businesses should pay attention to big data. Continue reading

Effective Management Strategies for Growing Your Business

ManagementSmall businesses owners entering the growth stage are often challenged to develop effective strategies to motivate and encourage innovation among employees. Creating a work environment that allows employees not only to fulfill their required duties, but also to develop strategies that can help a business grow faster through outside-the-box thinking is key to success.

How can you develop a culture and atmosphere that encourages and motivates employees? Continue reading

Internet Security Essentials for Businesses

Internet SecurityThe internet is constantly changing the way we do things, everything from communicating with friends to shopping for groceries. Of course, we all know how much the internet is changing the way people do business. While the internet can make doing business easier, there are security issues that small business owners and entrepreneurs should be aware of when operating online.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released the Internet Security Essentials for Business guide. The guide emphasizes the following points:

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Tech Reporter Contact List

Business HandshakeConrad Egusa, former writer for Venture Beat turned entrepreneur, found in his time as a reporter that one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do was find contact information for those people they thought might be interested in reporting on their company.

For startups and entrepreneurs looking for press coverage, it is time consuming to collect the contact information of tech reporters. Instead of having entrepreneurs and small businesses, which already have limited resources, spend hours finding the emails of technology reporters, they decided to spend 100 hours creating a comprehensive tech reporter contact list. Continue reading

Hot To Get Your Business Plugged For Free

Business HandshakeWhen we were young our parents taught us to work together and share. Later on in life we get out into that big, bad, business world, and all those cooperation skills we learned as children start to fall to the wayside. We’re told that it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there, and to some it may be. But it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone. In fact, many young entrepreneurs are finding that cooperation can pay off, and for most, it in fact saves on business costs. Continue reading

Internet Resources Key to Success for West Little Rock Gym Owner

CrossfitWhen Jeff Jucha, the self-taught founder, owner and coach of West Little Rock CrossFit, decided to take his fitness expertise from his home garage where he trained a small group of clients at no cost to a for-profit business that now boasts 125 monthly paying clients in a 6,000 sq. ft. building, he knew it would take a lot of research, a strong personal drive to succeed and an ability to overcome his fears to make it successful. And one year after opening West Little Rock CrossFit, Jucha is comfortable in his success.

West Little Rock CrossFit is a fitness training facility designed to incorporate the functional movements of competitive athletes into the daily fitness routine for the general population, all in a fun environment. The facility doesn’t rely on traditional gym equipment such as stair climber and treadmill machines. Instead, clients use dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and rings. Continue reading

How Businesses Can Make the Most from Social Media

SocialMediaEveryone knows how much of an effect social media can have on how your customers view your brand, company, employees, etc. We all know how important it is to have a Facebook and LinkedIn page, a Twitter account, a blog, etc. and keep it updated. But, what’s the best way to craft these social media messages? In the article “Secrets to a Perfectly Crafted Social Media Post” on, Jeff Haden gives some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the content you post on social media. Continue reading