Providing Your Clients With a 2nd Look

Arkansas Capital gets excited about a lot of things. Supporting small businesses in Arkansas. Local art. Educating students in the art of entrepreneurship. A hot cup of coffee. Watching our clients succeed. But one of the main things we get excited about is getting the chance to give a traditional bank’s potential client a 2nd look.
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Most Unique Businesses to Check Out: Part I

Unique Businesses


There’s a notion out there that everything under the sun has already been created. Nothing original exists. Just recycled ideas dressed in different clothes. But we reject that notion. Maybe some things are borrowed but that doesn’t mean it’s been done that way YOU do it! So we’re proud of these entrepreneurs who had the creative ideas and determination to go out on a limb and try something new. The trend we’re noticing in these businesses is A) combinations of services and products under one roof and B) giving back, using a product to shed light on a worldwide problem, or supporting an underprivileged community. We like these trends. We hope these trends are here to stay.
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Marketing Your New Small Business

MarketingYourSmallBiz You’ve come up with the idea, you’ve done the research, you’ve generated a plan, you’ve received the capital, and now it’s time to let the world know about your small business. The only obstacle is that you have a next-to-nothing budget and you don’t know where to get started.

When starting a small business, budgeting for marketing is often overlooked. And looking at the logic of it, it just doesn’t make sense. Your success is completely dependent upon having a client or customer base. And how can you achieve that if the customer doesn’t know you exist or what you’re all about? Marketing is what will create that significant impact you need to get your business off the ground and create consistent revenue.
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Inspirational Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs



As you begin your business, the only guaranteed thing you can count on is that there will be obstacles. While that seems a grim statement to start off on, it’s the truth. So as you’re bulldozing through those roadblocks, what will keep you going? When you’ve run out of cliché sayings or have read all the motivational posters with pictures of eagles on them that tell you to soar, where will you go for the words you need to blaze through to a successful finish line? If you answered Arkansas Capital’s blog page, you are correct and therefore one of our favorite entrepreneurs. Read below for some of the most inspirational quotes from some of the most successful entrepreneurs.
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Startups to Spy On in 2016

2016StartUpsBlog has released their list of startups they think you should be keeping an eye on in 2016 and we picked our favorites! Besides your startup – yours is always our top favorite.

 23andME – an informative and potentially life-saving human genome testing service that allows the public to discover their family history and inherited traits.

ClassPass – an NYC startup offering all-access memberships to fitness classes in gyms and studios across the city for a flat fee of $99/month.
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3 Reasons to Start A Small Biz in 2016


You’ve been reading our blogs and social media posts all year on the personality traits of an entrepreneur, how to write a business plan, how important social media is to consumer trust, along with all the other wonderful and educational content we put out. And to every blog, every tip, every video, your desire to start your own business grows even more restless. You’ve even laid out some initial ideas and plans – just for fun, of course.

Well, we’re here to tell you now is the time! Today is the day! 2016 is the year you can make your dream a reality and here’s why:
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