Arkansas Women in Small Business

women in small business

One of the growing trends in alternative lending for 2016 is transparency, especially concerning loan opportunities for female entrepreneurs versus male entrepreneurs. Are loan offices giving both genders the same chance to start and grow a small business? Information on the topic varies depending on the source. What we do know is how successful women can be in growing the economy when given the chance.

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How to Encourage Collaboration Among Your Employees

Business Collaboration

The old saying “Two heads are better than one” may be trite, but its meaning rings true when it comes to building and growing a business. While you may be the owner, your employees can play a valuable role in not only providing a service, but by helping you identify your own business blind spots and identifying opportunities for growth. Continue reading

Why Small Business Owners Need A Mentor

Business Owner Mentor

Most business owners would agree a mentor is a positive personal and business relationship to have, but few see it as the invaluable asset it is. Having a mentor in your life isn’t just something worth considering; it’s something you should be actively pursuing if you don’t have one. Read on for a few reasons why you need to find a mentor. Continue reading

Small Biz Spotlight: Flyway Brewing

Small Biz Spotlight - Flyway

Small Biz Spotlight – Flyway

In honor of National Drink Beer Day, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite local breweries, Flyway Brewing. A classic story of a hobby-turned business, the tale of how Flyway Brewing was founded begins in 2012, when beer home-brewer Matt Foster brought some of the fruits of his labor on a yearly camping trip with his friends. Continue reading

A Day At AHA

Copy of Copy of MythArkansas Capital loves showcasing outstanding local businesses, so when the recent opportunity to host a booth at the Arkansas Hospitality Association Vendor Showcase and Convention arose, we knew we had to take it. With our connections to some of the most incredible food and drink businesses in the market, the Arkansas Capital booth was sure to be a hit – and we were right. Continue reading

The Importance of Artwork in Your Office Space

artwork in offices

Outfitting a new office is an exciting time for any startup or small business. Choosing desks, computers, chairs, printers, break room appliances and other equipment often consumes most of the office set up decisions, but there is one important aspect of office preparation that is all too often overlooked: art. While some may consider it an extra expense, the right art on the walls of your business can be a powerful tool in increasing productivity, connecting with customers and helping your business grow into a healthy, thriving company. Here’s how:
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Why All Small Businesses Should Give Back

arkansas alternate small business loans

Large businesses often gain publicity for the large amounts of money and manpower they are able to donate to charitable causes. Giant checks with an eye-popping number of zeros at the end, huge work days where thousands of employees donate time to a local charity or nonprofit … it all seems too great for a startup or small business to match. But regardless how much you have to give, you’d be surprise the impact that giving back to charity can have on both your business and community. Here are a few things you can expect to happen if you donate your time, money and resources to a cause you’re passionate about.
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