How To Write A Business Plan That Attracts Investors

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It’s amazing how quickly an idea can come to you, and mostly when you aren’t even trying. Whoever came up with the shower caddy was just taking a shower and needed more space for his Old Spice collection. You’re in an everyday situation, a need appears, and you have this brilliant lightbulb moment where you figure out a way to fill that need – and the first seed of a business plan is planted. But that seed needs to be nourished in order to grow. There’s research to do, kinks to be worked out, money and resources to procure, people that need convincing. The list can get overwhelming after that initial creative jolt your brain just offered you dies down. It’s important to stay motivated! And to create a business plan that will get you noticed.
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3 Ted Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

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The Internet has made the entrepreneurs of today some of the luckiest of all time. Not only is it now easier to run a business and promote products and services because of the web, but entrepreneurs also have a wealth of information from the world’s greatest minds right at their fingertips. What once would have required clearing out a spot on your calendar to attend a conference or speaking engagement, buying a ticket, and paying for travel costs such as gas, food and possibly a hotel, now only takes a click of a button.

Arkansas entrepreneurs should be taking full advantage of this incredible learning opportunity, and TED Talks are a great way to get started. We have rounded up a few of our favorites below.
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4 Myths About Startups Everyone Thinks Are True (But Aren’t)

arkansas startupsFor those who have spent their careers working for companies in traditional 9 to 5 roles, startups are shrouded in mystery. This often leads to the general public painting their own (and at times misinformed) pictures of what startup life must be like. While some of these common ideals may be accurate, a few couldn’t be further from the truth. Here, we’ve listed out 5 of the most common misconceptions about startups, and why they’re not true.

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3 Office Personalities and The Apps They Need to Excel

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It seems as if hundreds of apps are developed and placed on the App store every day. You know for a fact there’s some gold amongst all the clutter, but just like every other hard-working American you have no time to go digging for that perfect app that’s going to fit your specific needs. Technology was invented to provide efficiency and blogs were invented to inform and advise, so we think this combination was a match made in app heaven. Below is a list of helpful apps that will help make it feel like you magically were able to cram 28 hours into a 24 hour day.
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The Best Small Business Hiring Practices

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In a poll taken by, small business owners stated that hiring new employees was their biggest challenge of 2015 with growing revenues and increasing profits coming in at close second and third place, respectively.

And there’s no guessing game as to why. The Department of Labor estimates employee turnover and bad hires could cost a company 30 percent of its yearly earnings ( Adding a new employee means adding a new paycheck amount to payroll, fringe and benefits, loss of time needed to mentor, train, and guide, etc. All of these things hit a small business owner’s wallet harder than that of a larger corporation, so it’s even more important to a small business that a new hire is a good fit, there for the long haul, and profitable.

Of course, there is no perfect hiring guide. As a small business owner, there is rarely (if ever) free time to peruse the average 250 resumes a job post will receive, interview the top candidates, perform background checks, call references, and the list goes on. But there are smart practices to help you with the process and provide you with the best candidate for the job.
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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

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Spring will be here in a matter of days, and the best way to embrace this sunny, green season is with some spring cleaning – and not just on your home. A little elbow grease can work wonders on your business as well! Here are a few ways you can dust off and freshen up your business so you can take on the rest of the year more organized and better prepared for whatever comes your way:
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