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Most Unique Businesses to Check Out: Part I

Unique Businesses


There’s a notion out there that everything under the sun has already been created. Nothing original exists. Just recycled ideas dressed in different clothes. But we reject that notion. Maybe some things are borrowed but that doesn’t mean it’s been done that way YOU do it! So we’re proud of these entrepreneurs who had the creative ideas and determination to go out on a limb and try something new. The trend we’re noticing in these businesses is A) combinations of services and products under one roof and B) giving back, using a product to shed light on a worldwide problem, or supporting an underprivileged community. We like these trends. We hope these trends are here to stay. 10) Hopsters Where: Newton, MA What: A brewery that allows patrons to make their own beer. They pick their hops, malt, and barley and if they’re scared they are going to create a disaster, beer experts are on tap for a consultation. 9) Arrowroot Where: Denver, CO What: An online clothing line who believes dressing up shouldn’t be such a task and it shouldn’t be provided by slave labor. Honduran women sew the clothes for Arrowroot in exchange for a fair wage that covers family needs and healthcare. 8) Mark43 Where: NYC, NY What: A software developed to make the filing part of law enforcement officer’s job easier and simpler. It cuts filing time in half and keeps track of all cases in one place while also analyzing crimes to prevent further ones from occurring. 7) PetHub Where: Seattle, WA What: An online site created to return lost pets to owners by utilizing their personalized ID tags that allow people to identify pets with 4 different convenient smart technologies. 6) BucketFeet Where: Chicago, IL What: A shoe company – now with a location in NY – that engages artists to submit their designs to manufacture their shoes. Artists are paid and collect royalties if the design of their shoe is sold. 5) The Freehand Where: Miami Beach, FL What: The Ritz Carlton of hostels. The creator of this hostel wanted to prove that cheap prices don’t have to mean dirty and sketchy. A 2nd location has sprung up in Chicago and one is being built in L.A.