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Shared Services Center – Fort Smith Expansion

fort smith shared services center

Shared Services Center – Fort Smith, a provider of business office support functions for hospitals and healthcare facilities, will expand their presence in Fort Smith’s Phoenix Center. As part of the expansion, the company is increasing personnel to accommodate increased growth.
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The 4 Qualities That Make Introverts Great Entrepreneurs

introverted entrepreneurs

When the term “introvert” is used to describe someone, a person quietly – and intentionally – tucked away and wrapped up in his or her own little world typically comes to mind. While this image may not be untrue, it only depicts a small portion of the introvert’s life, and most certainly doesn’t highlight the many strengths and abilities that go hand in hand with being introverted. For example, did you know that introverts often make great leaders and incredible entrepreneurs? Here’s why:
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4 Habits That Surprisingly Boost Productivity

little rock lending

Entrepreneurs are always trying to maximize their time, and squeeze as much work out of their hours as possible. Often, this goal results in working long hours, cutting sleep and constant multitasking – practices that often prove to be ineffective. Instead of burning the midnight oil and sacrificing your personal life for the sake of your business, try picking up the below habits to boost your productivity while also improving your quality of life.
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How To Get The Sleep You Need When Starting a Business

sleep when starting a small business

Entrepreneurs, especially those who own start-ups, are known for sacrificing sleep for work. Sometimes, a couple short sleeps – or even sleepless nights – are warranted in order to create a successful company. But for too many business owners, little to no sleep isn’t an exception – it’s the norm.

The more the importance of sleep is studied, the more we find it’s simply not worth skipping or cutting short. You may have more time to work if you forgo sleep, but studies also show that you’ll be a less inspiring leader, you’ll make more ill-informed decisions, and you’ll be more likely to contract a cold or other illness, which will ultimately take time away from your work. In fact, by getting the National Sleep Foundation recommended 7-9 hours a night, you’ll be happier and more creative. So how exactly does a busy entrepreneur with an endless to-do list get enough good, quality rest to fulfill his/her full potential? Read on to find out how you can prioritize fitting quality hours of sleep into your schedule.
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Setting Up Your Home Office For Success


successful home office


Over half of businesses located in the great states of America can be found in the home. For some – whether it’s attributed to having toddlers not in school or because social interaction is key to their personalities – a home office would be considered a nightmare. For others – roughly around 52% – working from home is part of the American dream. To that we say, to each his own. However, we do have an opinion on how it should be handled and if you’re getting ready to work from home full-time or just building a home office for the occasional overflow of jobs, make sure to keep this list handy.
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How to Effectively Grow Your Small Business Into a Big Business

arkansas small business growth

You’ve had the idea. You’ve received the capital and resources to make that idea into a reality. You’ve started the business and hired the employees and have provided the service or product for a while now. You’re at the point when you’re established in the small business world. You’ve got a foundation. Your roots are strong in the ground and now it’s time to grow, to branch out. Expansion. It’s the word that every small business owner strives for. Whether that means it’s time to hire, time to move, to add to the product or service line, it means you can officially call yourself a success. But just like when you started out, growing requires a plan. It requires a list of things you need to do to make sure the branches you extend are as strong as your roots. Below are some tips to help you expand smartly and successfully.
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Announcing SBA 504 Refinance Opportunity

arkansas alternative lending

SBA 504 Refinance Case Study

A decade ago, Susan bought the property where her business is located for $800,000. At that time, she paid 25% and took out a $600,000 loan at 5.5% with a 20-year amortization. Her current payment is $4127 monthly. This means after a decade of payments, she still owes $450,000. Her business has been successful, but she is netting less than before due to inflation and competition. Over the years, she has had to borrow on various loans and credit cards to purchase business assets or meet cash flow needs. If we determine that she owes $100,000 on various lines and cards and her payments are approximately $2,000 monthly, then her debt appears as below:

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