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Small Business Saturday


Created by American Express as a contrasting counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday encourages holiday shoppers to buy from small and local businesses.

A nationwide radio, television, and social media campaign was launched by American Express announcing the creation of the first Small Business Saturday on November 27, 2010. The UK followed suit 3 years later after witnessing the success for small businesses and traction the campaign achieved.
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3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Exist



There are a ton of motivations behind why people do what they do. That’s the top reason why psychologists exist. But after much scientific research (coffee with some local entrepreneurs), we’ve discovered the motivation behind why people branch out of the employee route – besides wanting to change the world – to choose one of the hardest career fields out there: entrepreneurship.

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Top 3 Ways to Capture Holiday Shoppers

HolidayShoppersBlogBlack Fridays. Christmas Eve last minute one-day shipping sales. Cyber Mondays. Plenty of opportunities for holiday shoppers to buy online without having to encounter the packed stores, the out-of-stock shelves, the stressed parents, and hauling bags up stairs. With the ease of smartphone, tablet, and desktop shopping, why continue to market behind a store front? With 2 billion dollars worth of sales on Cyber Monday alone in 2013, it’s time to join the 21st century and hop on the online selling bandwagon if you haven’t already. Here’s some tips to capture those holiday shoppers.

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Best Work-Life Balance Jobs


With companies staying conscious about keeping costs low in the recent economy, employees are finding their job descriptions grow. Competition for jobs is at an all-time high for college graduates and those looking to relocate or find a different career path. Every employee must go above and beyond expectations to keep their jobs and eventually grow within the company. Because of this, the work-life balance is often thrown out of whack tipping the scales heavily in the direction of work. So what jobs according to are boasting the best balance between work and personal life? Did you make the list and if so, do you agree?

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A 20 Year Celebration of Al Hodge

AlBlogThere’s a long list of academic and professional accomplishments that are impressive enough by themselves: a bachelor’s degree from University of Southwestern Louisiana (currently the University of Louisiana at Lafayette), a graduate of the Economic Development Institute of the University of Oklahoma, an Economic Development Finance Professional certification, SBA’s Louisiana Financial Services Advocate of the Year in 1993, Arkansas’s Financial Services Advocate of the Year in 2000, and one of AY’s Most Powerful Men of 2015.
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How to Stay Motivated Part II: Entrepreneur Edition


To recap, in the 1st part of this series, which you can find here, we discussed the top 5 ways to stay motivated as you continue pursuing your dream as a business owner. They are to take a breather, remember to whom you’re benefitting, gather together a community of like-minded souls, and make lists to stay organized. Let’s continue.
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How to Stay Motivated Part I: Entrepreneur Edition


Most people claim taking the first step is the hardest. Is it any different when starting your own business? Maybe it’s step 2 or 3 in your journey as an entrepreneur that really bogged you down. Maybe it was the 5th rejection or the 17th obstacle. Wherever you are in the American dream, it’s essential to stay motivated to achieve your goal, and then wave good-bye at it as you exceed your own expectations and those of naysayers. Here’s what can help.
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