Business Plan and Presentation Guidelines

Business Plan and PowerPoint Submissions

Each team advancing to the 2016 Tri-State competition must submit an updated business plan and a PowerPoint file. AEAF Project Specialist Shannon Frazeur will email a link to a Dropbox folder for each team in which the files may be uploaded. Please ensure that your file names are the same as your team names. Please alert Shannon if there are problems uploading the documents. Phone: 501-374-9247. Email:

The deadline to submit business plans is TBD.

The deadline to submit PowerPoint files is TBD.

Business Plan Guidelines

Business plans submitted for Tri-State should follow the same content as required in the state competitions. Note: Appendices should be included only when they support the findings, statements and observations in the plan. Because of the number of teams/plans entering the competition, reviewers and judges may not be able to read all of the material in the appendices. Therefore, the text portion of the plan (30-page maximum) must contain all pertinent information in a clear and concise manner.

Business plans must be submitted as a PDF. 

Business Plan Presentation

Each team will present their business plan to a five-member panel of judges in 55-minute blocks. Teams are given 20 minutes for the actual presentation, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session with the judges. There will then be a 10-minute information feedback opportunity with judges, who will use this time to give advice and direction, plus share any experiences they may have relating to the business plan. Teams will have five minutes before their presentation for setup/preparation and five minutes after the presentation for equipment dismantling.

Judging Criteria

Teams will be judged on the following criteria during their presentations at Tri-State:

  • Overall Organization (10 Points): Materials presented in clear, logical order, and/or sequence.
  • Interdisciplinary Team (5 Points): Team member(s) enrolled in majors in more than one college in the university.
  • Ability to Engage Judges (10 Points): The pace and content of the presentation is appropriate for an investment audience, the judges questions are answered clearly and concisely.
  • Quality of Written Plan (15 Points): Written and oral presentations are consistent. Written plan supports assertions in the oral presentation. Written plan communicates business concept as a stand-alone document, and stimulates potential investor attention.
  • Quality of Visual Aids (10 Points): Clear, interesting visual aids that help explain the business ideas and concepts. May bring sample products, but no food, drink, or promotional giveaways may be given to the judges.
  • Market Opportunity (10 Points): Clear market need presented, as well as a way to take advantage of that need. Meaningful examples and practical applications.
  • Distinctive Competence (10 Points): The company provides something novel and/or unique that gives it a competitive advantage.
  • Management Capability (10 Points): The team can effectively develop this company and handle the risks associated with the venture.
  • Financial Understanding (10 Points): The team has a solid understanding of the financial requirements of the business.
  • Investment Potential (10 Points): The business represents an investment opportunity in which one would consider investing.

Audio / Visual Guidelines

Teams are required to provide a PowerPoint backup file for oral presentations. The deadline to submit PowerPoint files is TBD, via Dropbox.

The equipment provided in presentation rooms are:

  • Podium (laptop must be connected at the podium)
  • Projector with VGA-only connection (audio cable included with speakers)
  • Large projection screen

You may use your own laptop (Windows or Mac based) but know that your personal laptop and or converters may not be compatible with the projectors provided in the presentation rooms. You are required to connect your own laptop and bring your own converter for any operating systems that are not Windows based.

If you do not have a laptop for your presentation, AEAF can provide your team a Windows-based laptop. This request must be made to Shannon Frazeur by TBD.

AEAF does not furnish converters, pointers, or wireless presentation mice.

AEAF does not guarantee video, sound clips, fonts, etc., to work or display at full capacity. AEAF will provide assistance for PowerPoint-uploaded materials (the file you previously provided).

Wi-Fi is available in all presentation rooms.

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