Team Registration on iStart

How to Enter the 2014 Arkansas Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup Collegiate Business Plan Competition on iStart

NOTE: Profiles and competition business plan submissions on iStart must be completed by the Team Leader only.

First, please read the competition’s Rules/Eligibility and Guidelines carefully:

Next, create an iStart profile for your team by going to directly to this iStart link: (As you move through the iStart process, the words “Profile” and “Account” are used interchangeably.)

At this page, you will see, on the left, an orange button with the words “Log In / Register.” Click on this button. A box with a gold strip will pop up on the screen.

If you are “New to iStart”, follow these directions:

    • Click the “Create User Account” blue button.
    • A page, “Register for a new iStart User Profile” will appear. Fill out ONLY the information marked with an asterisk to the right of the request:
      • e-Mail Address
      • Password (and Confirm Password)
      • First and Last Names
      • Gender
      • Phone Number
      • Country, Address, City, State, Zip Code
    • For the “Roles and Communications” box, the first question asks you to “Select one or more role to describe your relationship with iStart.” Click “Student.”
    • At the bottom of the “Roles and Communications” box, uncheck the box for “Notify me via email on … New Competitions,” unless you want to receive iStart e-mail.
    • Click “I agree” in the Terms and Conditions.
    • Type the letters shown in the image, and click “Save.”
    • Return to and log in to your profile. See below on how to submit an Intent to Compete” for the competition.

If you are “Returning to iStart”, log in at with the e-mail address you used in 2013. (If you need to use a new e-mail address, you will need to create a new profile. See above, “New to iStart.”

  • In the box with the gold strip, under “Returning to iStart,” enter your e-mail address and your password.
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password?” and follow the prompts.

How to Submit an Intent to Compete – Due January 31 at 5:00 p.m.

      • Log in to your profile at
      • Once logged in, go to the top right hand corner of the page and click on “Profile.”
      • You will see a black box at the top of the page that has your name and the contact information you provided when you signed up for your iStart account.
      • Look to the box to the right that says, “My Businesses.”
      • Click on “Register New Business Idea.” You will see a page with a box asking you to “Complete your Listing for iStart’s Public Directory.”
      • Please fill in ONLY the “Business Name” and “Abstract” boxes:
        • The “Business Name” should be the same as the name of your business plan.
        • The “Abstract” is a summary of your business plan. (Uploading a logo image, submitting a URL, or filling out any other information on this page, including the option in the bottom box, “Display Your Business on the iStart Public Directory?”, is NOT required of the Governor’s Cup competition.)
      • After completing the business name and abstract boxes, click “Save.”
      • You will then be taken to the iStart Competition Participant Agreement. Please feel free to read the agreement. As you do so, remember that the iStart site is used for many purposes by thousands of individuals and organizations. For the purposes of the Governor’s Cup competition, click, “I agree.”
      • You will then be taken to an “Application” page. Answer the questions accordingly. If team member information is not known by the Intent to Compete deadline January 31, submit at least one name. All team names do not need to be finalized until the business plan is submitted.
      • You will then be taken back to your profile page. At the right, you should see the business name you just entered under “Your Current Business Ideas.” Nothing further needs to be done until after the Intent to Compete deadline of January 31 at 5:00 p.m. Business plans cannot be submitted before this time.
      • After these steps are completed, you should get an e-mail notification from iStart, advising that your Intent to Compete has been submitted.

Other Important Information:

      • The deadline to submit business plans on iStart is February 21 at 3:00 p.m.
      • Business plans must be uploaded into iStart in either Microsoft Word format or PDF.
      • Once uploaded, please ensure all pages are uploaded correctly.
      • Please ensure all team member and advisor names are spelled correctly.
      • Depending on your Internet connection speed and/or traffic on the iStart website, pages on iStart may be slow to load. Keep this in mind as you work on the website.
      • iStart will prompt you occasionally with a pop-up box asking you to consider publishing your business plan publicly on iStart, saying you can “update your iStart Business Idea to opt-in, include logos, photos, videos and other information.”  Again, this is not a requirement of the Governor’s Cup competition, but you can choose to do this if you wish.

Good Luck and Thank You for Competing in the 2014 Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup!


For Semi-Finalists and Finalists

All teams advancing to the Oral Presentation round are required to submit the following via the iStart website:

Submitting these documents is similar to the process you used to submit your materials for the Business Plan round.

More detailed information will be sent to the advancing teams as the oral presentation round nears.


Additional helpful information about iStart:

We highly recommend taking advantage of the option to invite your advisor and team members on to your iStart profile. This will allow them to view the profile and see what you have submitted. Only the Team Leader can edit the profile and submissions.

DO NOT list ineligible team members as part of your submission. Some teams may have a non-student professional who will be part of the eventual business, but for purposes of the competition they cannot compete and should not be listed.