3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Exist

EntrepreneursExistBlog   There are a ton of motivations behind why people do what they do. That’s the top reason why psychologists exist. But after much scientific research (coffee with some local entrepreneurs), we’ve discovered the motivation behind why people branch out of the employee route – besides wanting to change the world – to choose one of the hardest career fields out there: entrepreneurship.

  1. Discovering you didn’t fit into corporate pants. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may have discovered that your creative thought process or identity didn’t fit the overall mold of corporation life. If you were finding that you didn’t fit in and weren’t being used to your potential, this would be one of top reasons you left that world to start your own and work by your own rules.
  2. Realizing your best work happens at 3 a.m. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but you realized having a flexible lifestyle does. You discovered 9 to 5 wasn’t for you and that’s ok. That doesn’t mean you don’t work harder and longer than you ever have. It just means you don’t have to ask off for vacation or sick days.
  3. Learning that you never wanted stop learning. To learn is to stay young forever. You found out you’re never satisfied doing the same thing everyday, singing the same tune. You wanted to continue challenging yourself, discovering more, testing your boundaries, and using your knowledge for the good of the others.